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County Extension Director

Photo of Rod Gurganus, NC Cooperative Extension

Rod Gurganus

County Extension Director, Beaufort
(252) 946-0111

4-H Youth Development

Photo of Erin Massie, NC Cooperative Extension

Erin Massie

Extension Agent, 4-H Youth Development
(252) 946-0111

Agriculture and Natural Resources

Photo of Steve Gabel, NC Cooperative Extension

Steve Gabel

Area Specialized Agent, Aquaculture
(252) 482-6585x113

Responsible for aquaculture educational programs for the NC NE extension district.

Photo of Margaret Ross, NC Cooperative Extension

Margaret Ross

Area Specialized Poultry Agent
(252) 670-8254

Working with commercial poultry producers to assist in writing nutrient management plans and conducting educational programming.

Photo of Scott Tilley, NC Cooperative Extension

Scott Tilley

Area Agent, Agriculture - Field Crops
(252) 793-5142x166

Family and Consumer Sciences

Louise Hinsley

Extension Agent, 4-H Youth Development
(252) 946-0111x29


Photo of Pam Allen, NC Cooperative Extension

Pam Allen

County Extension Administrative Assistant
(252) 946-0111x22
Photo of Gladys Barnes, NC Cooperative Extension

Gladys Barnes

County Extension Support Specialist
(252) 946-0111x21