Just Grow It!

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picture of onions, a tomatoe, greens, carrots and lettuce.

Just Grow It! is a 9-week youth horticulture program that can be enjoyed by families and youth between the ages of 5-18!

Throughout the 9 weeks, youth will receive materials and lessons for different gardening topics including:

  1. Super Seeds – Dig into activities around seeds! Youth will grow microgreens and create their own seed necklace. Learn what seeds need in order to germinate and grow!
  2. Starting the Garden –  Youth will learn all about how to make paper pots, a mini-greenhouse, and grow some seedlings inside for an early start to the garden.
  3. Planting the Garden – Find the right spot for the garden and get growing by sowing seeds and transplanting veggie seedlings. Gather garden tools and just grow it!
  4. Garden Care – Figure out how to care for the garden and make plant labels and a rain gauge too!
  5. Splendid Soil – Learn more about the soil, its role in growing healthy plants, and investigate an earthworm.
  6. Beneficial Bugs – Find out the buzz on how insects impact our plants.
  7. Plant Problems – Observe plants in the garden for any issues and try to find out what is causing them.
  8. Food Safety – Learn how to handle plants with care to keep yourself and others safe while enjoying the vegetables.
  9. Salad Celebration – Celebrate all of your hard work by making a salad with fresh veggies from your garden!

There will be a bi-weekly optional check-in on Zoom to check garden progress and hear from others also participating in the program.

The N.C. Cooperative Extension of Beaufort County office will provide the seeds, plants, potting soil, hand-outs for each lesson, & other materials depending on funding.

The cost of this program is FREE. Supplies provided are dependent on the amount of youth registered for the program.

Material pick-up will be at the Beaufort County office located at 155 Airport Road in Washington, NC. 

  • Pickup materials for Weeks 1-3: 4/12/2021
  • Pickup materials for Weeks 4-6: 5/3/2021
  • Pickup materials for Weeks 7-9: 5/24/2021

Register by April 6, 2021!

Family Sign Up (sign up with this form if you are registering a single child or children in the same family)

Group Sign Up (sign up with this form if you are registering a group of children that are not related in an afterschool or classroom setting)

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If you have any questions, please contact our 4-H Agent, Chasady Quinn