2018 Beaufort County Corn Hybrid Trial Results

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Here are the results from the 2018 Beaufort County Corn Hybrid Trials (also attached as a printable PDF).
As you know, this was a challenging year for corn production. We originally planted three locations but lost the Pinetown trial due to the frequent rainfall we experienced early in the season.
Both of the remaining trials were planted on 30″ rows at a population of 34K. The Poole Farms location was planted on May 9, and the 3B Farms location was planted on May 10. Each trial was managed for maximum yield.
Thanks to Poole Farms and 3B Farms for the fuel, land, equipment, and crop production inputs needed to make these trials successful. We cannot do these trials without great cooperating farmers.
Also thanks to Scott Tilley, Area Specialized Grains Agent, N.C. Cooperative Extension of Hyde County agent Andrea Gibbs, and Kellie Luton (our intern this summer) for helping with planting and harvesting these trials.
Corn Hybrid Trial data chart