Recovering From a Disaster – Factsheets and Information

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This has been a trying time for many of us in Eastern North Carolina. The storm is on the way out and now the work begins. Here is a link to the North Carolina State Extension Disaster Recovery Center – Recovery Factsheets. This link contains information about returning home, a list of priorities for clean-up and repair, salvaging flood-damaged appliances, kitchen clean-uImage of a generatorp after a flood, and safe food among other important information.

If you have been affected by flood, power outages, or need information on general clean-up after the storm, please visit this the link above. Your local extension office will have further information and resources for your clean-up efforts. To find your local office visit NC State University Extension County Centers. If your area has been affected by flood waters or power outages, please call your local office to make certain they are operational before attempting to visit.